Tell Congress – America Needs Tax Reform Now (Archived)

America has fallen behind in competitiveness – just by standing still. As the rest of the world has reduced taxes on employers, our job creators pay some of the highest taxes in the developed world.

We can turn this around in 2017.

The tax reform framework unveiled by Congress and the White House is a giant leap in the right direction to benefit all Americans and make America more competitive by:

  • eliminating the death tax
  • eliminating the marriage tax penalty
  • simplifying the SEVEN current tax brackets down to three brackets of 12%, 25%, and 35%
  • reducing what is currently the highest business tax rate in the industrialized world
  • allowing assets and profits accrued overseas back to the U.S. without cost-prohibitive tax penalties

The last time a president signed fundamental federal tax reform, Top Gun was number one at the box office. Meanwhile, 30 states have substantially reduced their taxes in just the last four year.

It’s time for tax reform. Tell your Congressman and Senator to simplify the tax code and respect hardworking Americans by letting them keep more of their own money.

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