President Reagan on State and Local Tax Deductions in 1985: “Truly Taxation Without Representation”

President Ronald Reagan wanted to repeal state and local tax (SALT) deductions when he fought for America’s last major tax reform package. Repealing SALT deductions would finally bring fairness to the tax code Reagan sought 31 years ago.

REAGAN: “We’re reducing tax rates by simplifying the complex system of special provisions that favor some at the expense of others. Restoring confidence in our tax system means restoring and respecting the principle of fairness for all. This means curtailing some business deductions now being written off; it means ending several personal deductions, including the state and local tax deduction, which actually provides a special subsidy for high-income individuals, especially in a few high-tax states. Two-thirds of Americans don’t even itemize, so they receive no benefit from the state and local tax deduction. But they’re being forced to subsidize the high-tax policies of a handful of states. This is truly taxation without representation.”

Courtesy: America Rising