Wisconsin: Tammy Baldwin is Irresponsibly Holding Up Judicial Nominees for Wisconsinites (Archived)

Today there are more than 130 vacancies throughout our federal district and appellate courts, and Senator Tammy Baldwin is part of the problem.

Senator Baldwin refuses to give honest consideration to qualified judicial nominees, forcing her fellow Americans to have their day in court before panels with empty seats.

Putting partisan politics over the Constitutional rights of her own constituents, Tammy Baldwin is even holding up Senate confirmations for vacancies affecting Wisconsinites.

Michael B. Brennan for U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals (Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin)

  • Brennan, a Milwaukee resident, has proven himself a dedicated public servant of Wisconsinites, serving for 9 years as a Judge on the Milwaukee County Circuit Court, presiding over civil cases.
  • Additionally, Brennan has served as the Assistant District Attorney for Milwaukee County.
  • Brennan has previous experience with the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, having clerked for Daniel Manion in the Court early in his career.
  • Judge Brennan was nominated on August 3, 2017, for a seat that has been vacant since January 7, 2010.
  • No hearing has yet been scheduled because Senator Baldwin is holding up his nomination.

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals is currently in a “judicial emergency”, with a vacancy longer than 18 months and more than 500 judicial filings per panel.Tammy Baldwin is holding up Michael Brennan’s nomination for a court that is already overwhelmed by its current caseload. 

Tell Senator Baldwin to end this judicial emergency and confirm Michael Brennan now!

Call Tammy Baldwin at (608) 264-5338.

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