Sign the Letter: Urge President Biden to Establish a Bilateral Trade Agreement with Taiwan

To urge President Biden’s administration to establish a bilateral trade agreement (BTA) with Taiwan, ALEC Action has launched a letter for state legislators across the nation to sign and show their support. Increasing trade with this flourishing democracy would help rebuild America’s post-COVID economy and support hundreds of thousands of American jobs. It would also signal to China that America takes its security commitments to Taiwan seriously.

A U.S.-Taiwan BTA is an opportunity for purely positive engagement in the Asia-Pacific with significant economic benefits to America. States would be a major beneficiary of a BTA with Taiwan. Not only does agriculture make up a large percentage of Taiwan’s imports from the U.S., but Taiwanese tech companies have also established U.S. manufacturing facilities that create jobs for Americans.

If you’re a state legislator who wants to see these mutual economic benefits strengthened and discourage China’s increasingly aggressive behavior toward Taiwan, sign the letter today urging President Biden to expedite BTA negotiations with Taiwan that would benefit America’s security and economy.

Read and Sign the Letter: