Missouri – Email Your Lawmaker: Thank you for passing Right-to-Work! (Archived)

Right-to-Work laws do not prohibit or outlaw unions in any way, nor do they prohibit union membership. Unions can thrive in a Right-to-Work state if they offer attractive services that entice employees to join.

For years, the Missouri General Assembly has fought for employee freedom and paycheck protection. Missouri lawmakers rightly believe unions should be competitive in the workplace and earn an employee’s decision to join a union, rather than being forced to comply and give up their hard-earned dollars in union dues in order to keep their job.

The General Assembly’s efforts to make Missouri a Right-to-Work state had been stopped for years. But now, with Governor Eric Greitens at the helm, Missouri employees finally have the opportunity to choose whether or not to become union members.

Email your lawmaker and thank them for passing Right-to-Work!

The campaign has ended