America’s State Legislators Support Amy Coney Barrett

To: Members of the U.S. Senate and the Senate Committee on the Judiciary

From: The American Legislative Exchange Council

2900 Crystal Drive, 6th Floor, Arlington, VA 22202


The States Say “Confirm Amy Coney Barrett Now”

Dear Senators,

We the undersigned legislators, in partnership with ALEC Action, the 501(c)(4) affiliate of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), urge the swift confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States. ALEC is the largest voluntary membership organization of state legislators who support limited government, free markets and federalism. As state legislative members dedicated to those principles, we believe Judge Barrett is tremendously qualified to serve on the Supreme Court and has a keen understanding of the country’s federalist principles.

Judge Barrett has a proven track record of originalism and judicial precedent. She has also promised to follow in the footsteps of one of her mentors, Justice Antonin Scalia, applying the law as written and refraining from acting as a policymaker. She will analyze the text, structure and original meaning of the Constitution. Importantly then, while she has a clear, publicly stated judicial philosophy, she has also shown the judicial temperament to not presuppose an outcome of a case but to respect and listen to all sides.

Judge Barrett has outstanding academic credentials, having graduated magna cum laude from Rhodes College and first in her class from Notre Dame Law School, where she served as executive editor of the Notre Dame Law Review. After law school, Judge Barrett obtained two very prestigious clerkships: one for D.C. Circuit Judge Laurence Silberman and another for the late former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

After starting her career in private practice, Judge Barrett began her teaching career, including 15 years at Notre Dame Law School, where three graduating classes voted her “Distinguished Professor of the Year.” In addition, when confirmed to serve as a judge on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in November 2017, Judge Barrett received bipartisan support.

Judge Barrett’s legal scholarship, particularly on originalism and judicial precedent, has earned her national acclaim. In a 2003 article, she argued that reliance on previous Supreme Court decisions should be “flexible in fact, not just in theory,” and should not serve to inhibit parties the chance to fully present their case.

By pledging to interpret the law as written, Judge Barrett’s philosophy will protect essential principles such as individual liberty, federalism, limited government, and free markets. Judge Barrett understands the role of a judge is different than that of a policymaker. Elected representatives of the people should determine policy solutions for states and the federal government. As a jurist committed to the text of the Constitution and statutes, Judge Barrett understands the boundaries placed upon the federal government and the authorities of state governments.

Judge Barrett is imminently qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. Her academic qualifications are impeccable. Her dedication to her faith and family are unquestionable. As state legislators, we believe that such leaders deserve the support of the United States Senate. As such, we urge Senators to provide Judge Barrett prompt, fair hearings and to confirm her to the Supreme Court as soon as possible.


I Support the Appointment of Amy Coney Barrett:



Representative Sharon Jackson

Senator Lora Reinbold


Senator Shay Shelnutt

Representative Arnold Mooney

Senator Dan Roberts

Senator Del Marsh

Senator Jabo Waggoner

Senator Will Barfoot

Senator Greg Reed

Senator Chris Elliott

Representative Danny Garrett

Senator Arthur Orr

Senator Tom Whatley

Representative Dickie Drake

Representative Allen Farley

Senator Steve Livingston

Representative Jim Carns

Senator Larry Stutts

Representative Matt Fridy

Senator Sam Givhan

Representative Lynn Greer


Representative Jack Ladyman

Representative Jim Dotson


Representative Becky Nutt

Representative Regina Cobb

Representative Mark Finchem

Senate President Karen Fann

Senator David Livingston

Senator Nancy Barto

Senator Sine Kerr


Senator Jerry Sonnenberg

Representative Dave Williams

Representative Larry Liston

Senator Paul Lundeen

Senator Bob Rankin

Senator Kevin Lundberg

Representative Rod Bockenfeld

Commissioner Libby Szabo

Representative Lori Saine

Senator John Cooke


Representative Gale Mastrofrancesco

Representative David Wilson

Representative Rob Sampson

Representative Craig Fishbein

Representative Mike France

Representative John Piscopo

Representative Rick Hayes


Representative Ruth Briggs King

Representative Richard Collins


Representative Jason Fischer

Representative Randall Fine

Representative Mike Beltran

Representative Anthony Sabatini


Senator Chuck Payne

Councilwoman Leslie McPherson

Representative Jimmy Pruett

Representative Timothy Barr

Representative Matthew Gambill


Representative Gene Ward


Senator Jake Chapman

Representative Sandy Salmon

Representative Ray Sorensen

Senator Chris Cournoyer

Senator Jeff Edler

Senator Jim Carlin

Representative David Kerr

Senator Ken Rozenboom

Representative Gary Carlson

Representative Cecil Dolecheck

Representative Tom Moore

Representative Anne Osmundson

Representative David Deyoe

Representative Brian Best

Representative Skyler Wheeler

Senator Michael Breitbach

Senator Tim Kraayenbrink

Representative Dean Fisher

Representative John Landon

Representative John Wills

Representative Jeff Shipley

Speaker Linda Upmeyer


Representative Marc Gibbs

Senator Mary Souza

Representative Terry Gestrin

Representative Sage Dixon

Councilman Darl Bruner


Senator Dave Syverson

Representative Joe Sosnowski

Representative Brad Halbrook


Representative Heath VanNatter

Senator Elizabeth Brown

Senator Dennis Kruse

Representative Dennis Zent

Senator Linda Rogers

Representative David Abbott

Senator Mark Messmer

Representative J.D. Prescott

Senator Jeff Raatz


Representative Susan Humphries

Representative Will Carpenter

Representative Lonnie Clark

Representative John Barker

Representative Cheryl Helmer


Representative Randy Bridges

Fmr. Representative Diane St. Onge

Representative Daniel Elliott

Representative Chris Freeland

Representative James Tipton


Representative Ray Garofalo

Representative Clay Schexnayder

Senator Sharon Hewitt

Representative Rick Edmonds

Representative Larry Frieman

Senator Neil Riser


Senator Bob Cassilly

Delegate Susan Krebs

Senator Michael Hough

Senator Adelaide Eckardt

Delegate Teresa Reilly


Representative Richard Pickett

Representative Dennis Keschl

Representative H. Sawin Millett

Commissioner Andre Cushing

Representative Trey Stewart

Senator Stacey Guerin


Senator Dan Lauwers

Representative Joe Bellino

Representative Michele Hoitenga

Representative Matt Hall

Representative Eric Leutheuser

Representative Luke Meerman

Representative Triston Cole

Representative Hank Vaupel


Senator Mark Koran

Senator Jerry Relph

Senator Karin Housley


Senator Ed Emery

Representative Cheri Reisch

Representative Mike Henderson

Representative Bruce DeGroot

Representative Ben Baker

Representative Justin Hill

Representative Philip Christofanelli

Representative Susan Pollock

Senator Paul Wieland

Representative Holly Rehder

Representative Derek Grier

Representative Barry Hovis

Senator Eric Burlison

Representative Sonya Anderson

Representative Doug Richey


Speaker Philp Gunn, ALEC Chairman

Representative Kevin Felsher

Senator Kathy Chism

Representative Becky Currie

Senator Joel R. Carter, Jr.

Senator Josh Harkins

Representative Steve Hopkins

Representative Randall Patterson

Senator Dennis DeBar

Representative Kevin Ford

Senator Philip Moran

Senator Kevin Blackwell

Representative Dana Criswell

Representative Brady Williamson

Representative Jill Ford

Senator Charles Younger

Representative Price Wallace

Representative Chris Brown


Representative Peggy Webb

Senator Jennifer Fielder

North Carolina

Representative Jeffrey McNeely

Representative Jason Saine

North Dakota

Representative Vicky Steiner

Representative Karen Rohr

Senator Terry Wanzek

Representative Kim Koppelman

Representative Patrick Hatlestad

Representative Mike Schatz

Representative Bernie Satrom

Senator Janne Myrdal

Representative Dan Ruby


Senator John Lowe

Senator Robert Hilkemann

Senator Curt Friesen

Senator Lou Ann Linehan

New Hampshire

Representative John Potucek

Representative Charles Melvin

Representative Glenn Cordelli

Representative Kathleen Hoelzel

Selectman Gary Daniels

Representative Jordan Ulery

Representative Ken Weyler

Representative Bob Greene

Representative Michael Vose

Representative Alan Bershtein

New Jersey

Honorable Serena DiMaso

New Mexico

Representative Yvette Herrell

Representative Cathrynn Brown

Representative James Strickler

Representative Greg Nibert


Representative J Todd Smith

Representative Bill Seitz

Representative Reggie Stoltzfus

Representative Scott Wiggam

Senator Bill Coley

Senator Bob Peterson

Representative Derek Merrin

Representative Rick Perales

Representative Candice Keller


Senator Chuck Hall

Senator Roland Pederson

Representative Jim Olsen

Senator Larry Boggs

Representative Chad Caldwell

Representative Ryan Martinez

Senator Nathan Dahm

Senator Mark Allen

Representative Mark Lepak

Senator Gary Stanislawski

Senator David Bullard

Senator Marty Quinn

Senator Brent Howard

Senator Julie Daniels

Senator Micheal Bergstrom

Representative Lewis Moore


Senator Dennis Linthicum


Representative Stanley Saylor

Representative Seth Grove

Representative R. Lee James

South Carolina

Representative Kevin Hardee

Representative Russell Fry

Senator Paul Campbell

Representative John McCravy

Representative Jay West

Representative Chip Huggins

Representative Steven Long

Representative Garry Smith

Senator Tom Young

South Dakota

Representative Mark Willadsen

Senator Jim Stalzer

Representative Dusty Johnson

Representative Tom Pischke

Senator Ryan Maher

Representative Christian Johnson

Representative Carl Perry

Representative Marli Wiese


Representative Martin Daniel

Senator Janice Bowling

Senator Shane Reeves

Representative Michael Sparks

Representative Chris Todd

Senator Dolores Gresham

Representative Susan Lynn

Senator Brian Kelsey

Senator Steve Southerland


Representative Tan Parker

Representative Phil King

Representative Tom Oliverson

Representative Kyle Biedermann

Senator Bryan Hughes


Senate President Stuart Adams

Senator Ralph Okerlund

Representative Kay Christofferson

Representative Carl Albrecht

Representative Merrill Nelson

Representative Keven Stratton

Representative Adam Robertson


Representative Robert Helm

Representative Lynn Batchelor

Representative Patrick Brennan


Delegate Kathy Byron

Delegate Ronnie Campbell


Senator Mike Padde

Senator Mark Schoesle

Senator Douglas Ericksen

Representative Joe Schmick

Senator Phil Fortunato

Senator Judith Warnick


Former State Senator Frank Lasee

Representative Scott Allen

Senator Steve Nass

West Virginia

Senator Patricia Rucker

Representative Joshua Higginbotham

Delegate Caleb Hanna

Delegate Michel Moffatt

Delegate Theresa Waxman


Senator Ogden Driskill

Senator Cheri Steinmetz

Senator Jeff Wasserburger

Representative Art Washut

Representative Donald Burkhart

Senator Eli Bebout

Representative Bill Henderson

Representative Thomas Walters

Representative Dan Laursen

Senator Bo Biteman

Senator Lynn Hutchings