More Than 400 State and Local Lawmakers to U.S. Senate: Confirm Judge Kavanaugh

In a demonstration of government closest to the people advising Washington, D.C., over 400 state and local officials representing 48 states sent a message to their U.S. Senators: confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

ALEC Action sent the following letter to Senate offices as confirmation proceedings began:

Dear Senators,

We the undersigned legislators, in partnership with the American Legislative Exchange Council, the largest voluntary membership organization of state legislators who support limited government, free markets and federalism, urge the swift confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States. State legislators dedicated to small government and freedom believe Judge Kavanaugh is the single most qualified person in the country to serve on the Supreme Court.

Judge Kavanaugh has a proven track record of strict constitutionalism. He applies the law as written. He is a judge who will enforce the text, structure and original understanding of the Constitution. Judge Kavanaugh believes “the judge’s job is to interpret the law, not to make law of policy.” Rather, he reads statutes as written—mindful of history and tradition.

In a time of political division, Judge Kavanaugh is a consensus builder who works with all stakeholders to assess cases based on the law rather than personal preference. Consensus building—grounded in America’s founding principles—is a hallmark of ALEC Action and of constitutionally-minded state legislators in states across the nation.

Judge Kavanaugh’s skilled consensus building has been recognized by Democrats and Republicans alike. Not only was Judge Kavanaugh confirmed to the Washington, D.C. Circuit Court with bipartisan support, his 100 most cited cases have been cited by more than 200 judges in states across the nation, and more than 50 circuit court opinions discuss or cite his opinions. Judges believe Judge Kavanaugh’s interpretation of the law is both sound and just.

Judge Kavanaugh’s dedication to public service is rooted in his patriotism, community spirit, training and education. After graduating with honors from Yale College in 1987, Judge Kavanaugh graduated from Yale Law School in 1990, where he was a Notes Editor on the Yale Law Journal. He clerked for Justice Anthony Kennedy of the Supreme Court, Ninth Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski, and Third Circuit Judge Walter Stapleton.

Citizen legislators in the states believe in and support leaders and decision-makers who devote their lives to public service as they have also done. State legislators give of themselves daily to bolster and support their fellow citizens and create the opportunity for a better life for all. Judge Kavanaugh’s commitment to his community, to mentorship and statesmanship, is unrivaled among American jurists. There is no attribute of Judge Kavanaugh’s character, intellect or life of public service that should preclude his immediate installment to the Supreme Court of the United States.


Senator Cam Ward
Representative Terri Collins
Representative David Faulkner
Representative Mike Holmes
Representative Nathaniel Ledbetter
Representative Phillip Pettus

Senator John Coghill
Senator Cathy Giessel
Senator Shelley Hughes
Representative Chuck Kopp
Representative Lora Reinbold

Senator Nancy Barto
Senator Gail Griffin
Senator John Kavanagh
House Majority Leader John Allen
Representative Noel Campbell
Representative Regina Cobb
Representative Drew John
Representative Anthony Kern
Representative Jay Lawrence
Representative Jill Norgaard
Representative Tony Rivero
Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio
Buckeye City Councilman G. Patrick HagEstad
Page Councilman Levi Tappan

Senator Trent Garner
Senator Missy Irvin
Representative Mary Bentley
Representative Jim Dotson
Representative Kenneth Keplinger
Representative David Meeks
Representative C. Brandt Smith, Jr

Senator Joel Anderson
Assemblyman Kevin Kiley
Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler

Senate President Kevin Grantham
Senator Kent Lambert
Senator Kevin Lundberg
Senator Vicki Marble
Senator Jerry Sonnenberg
Senator Jack Tate
Representative Kim Ransom
Representative Lois Landgraf
Representative Lori Saine
Johnstown Mayor Scott James
Jefferson County Commissioner Libby Szabo

Representative Craig Fishbein
Representative John Piscopo

Senator Ruth Briggs King
Representative Rich Collins

District of Columbia
Representative Ashley C. MacLeay – At-Large State School Board

Representative Jason Fischer
Representative Paul Renner
Representative Benjamin Toma

Representative Josh Bonner
Representative John Corbett
Representative Matt Dollar
Representative Bill Werkheiser
Representative Bruce Williamson
Villa Rica Councilwoman Leslie McPherson

Representative Gene Ward

Senator Patti Anne Lodge
Senator Mary Souza
Senator Steve Vick
Representative Vito Barbieri
Representative Judy Boyle
Representative Sage Dixon
Representative Terry Gestrin
Representative Eric Redman
Representative Bryan Zollinger
Nampa Councilman Bruce Skaug

Senator Dale Righter
Senator Paul Schimpf
Representative Terri Bryant
Representative Tom Morrison
Representative Lindsay Parkhurst
Representative David Reis
Representative Dan Swanson
Representative David Weltner

Senator Elizabeth Brown
Senator Jim Buck
Senator John Crane
Senator Michael Crider
Senator Blake Doriot
Senator Doug Eckerty
Senator Dennis Kruse
Senator Jean Leising
Senator Jim Tomes
Senator Michael Young
Representative Ron Bacon
Representative Woody Burton
Representative Tony Cook
Representative Sean Eberhart
Representative Bill Friend
Representative Dave Frizzell
Representative Doug Gutwein
Representative Bob Heaton
Representative Christopher Judy
Representative Mike Karickhoff
Representative Kevin Mahan
Representative Bob Morris
Representative Mike Speedy
Representative Greg Steuerwald
Representative Jerry Torr
Representative Heath Van Natter
Representative David Wolkins
Representative Denny Zent
Elkhart Mayor Tim Neese
Brown County Councilman Darren Byrd
Hamilton County Councilman Fred Glynn
Brownsburg Town Councilman Brian Jessen

Speaker Linda Upmeyer
Senator Rick Bertrand
Senator Dennis Guth
Senator Ken Rozenboom
Senator Jason Schultz
Senator Mark Segebart
Senator Amy Sinclair
Representative Chip Baltimore
Representative Dave Deyoe
Representative Greg Heartsill
Representative Steven Holt
Representative Jon Jacobsen
Representative John Landis
Representative Dawn Pettengill
Representative Sandy Salmon
Representative Larry Sheets
Representative David Sieck
Representative Rob Taylor
Representative Ralph Watts
Representative John Wills

Senator Larry Alley
Senator Ty Masterson
Senator Gene Suellentrop
Senator Rick Wilborn
Representative Tory Marie Arnberger
Representative Emil M. Bergquist
Representative Lonnie Clark
Representative Willie Dove
Representative Randy Garber
Senator Steve Fitzgerald
Representative Ron Highland
Representative Susan Humphries
Representative Bill Sutton
Representative John Whitmer

Senator Tom Buford
Senator Stephen West
Representative Kevin Bratcher
Representative Kimberly Moser

Senator Sharon Hewitt
Senator Beth Mizell
Representative Liston Barfield
Representative Paula Davis
Representative Julie Emerson

Senator Scott Cyrway
Senator Andre Cushing
Representative Dick Bradstreet
Representative Karen Gerrish
Representative Stacy Guerin
Representative Matthew Harrington
Representative Trey Stewart
Representative Nathan Wadsworth

Senator Michael Hough
Delegate Susan Krebs
Delegate Kathy Szeliga

Representative Nicholas Boldyga

Senator Darwin Booher
Senator Dave Hildenbrand
Senator Phil Pavlov
Senator Rick Jones
Representative Tristan Cole
Representative Peter Lucido
Representative Hank Vaupel
Representative Michael Webber

Senator Bruce Anderson
Senator Jerry Relph
Representative Matt Grossell
Representative Kathy Lohmer
Representative Tim Miller
Representative Roz Peterson
Representative Peggy Scott
Representative Abigail Whelan
Representative Mark Uglem
Representative Nick Zerwas

Senator Kevin Blackwell
Senator Chris Caughman
Senator Eugene Clarke
Senator Josh Harkins
Senator Chris Massey
Representative Carolyn Crawford
Representative Fred Shanks
Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes

Senator Ed Emery
Senator Dan Hegeman
Senator Doug Libla
Senator Brian Munzlinger
Senator Bob Onder
Senator Caleb Rowden
Senator Wayne Wallingford
Representative Sonya Anderson
Representative Kurt Bahr
Representative Jason Chipman
Representative Bruce DeGroot
Representative Shamed Dogan
Representative Travis Fitzwater
Representative Lyndall Fraker
Representative Keith Frederick
Representative Tom Hannegan
Representative Jim Hansen
Representative Mike Henderson
Representative Justin Hill
Representative Mike Kelley
Representative Donna Lichtenegger
Representative Lyle Rowland
Representative Cody Smith
Representative Cheri Toalson-Reisch
Representative Curtis Trent
Representative Sara Walsh
Representative Bill White
Representative Ken Wilson
Cape Girardeau Mayor Bob Fox
Cole County Commissioner Sam Bushman

Senator Jennifer Fielder
Senator Terry Gauthier
Senator David Howard
Senator Cary Smith
Senator Fred Thomas
Senator Roger Webb
Representative Fred Anderson
Representative Seth Berglee
Representative Steve Gunderson
Representative Greg Hertz
Representative Denley Loge
Representative Barry Usher
Representative Peggy Webb
Representative Kerry White

Senator Steve Halloran
Senator Lou Ann Linehan
Senator John Lowe

Senator Don Gustavson
House Minority Leader Jim Wheeler
Assemblywoman Lisa Krasner

New Hampshire
Senator Gary Daniels
Representative John Burt
Representative Jody McNally
Representative Kimberly Rice
Representative Jordan Ulery
Representative Michael Vose

New Mexico
Representative Yvette Herrell
Representative Mark Moores
Representative Dennis Roch
Representative James Strickler
Representative Jim Townsend
Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block

New York
Assemblyman Karl Brabenec

North Carolina
Senator Vickie Sawyer
Representative William Brawley
Representative Destin Hall
Representative Kyle Hall
Representative Brenden Jones
Representative Donny Lambeth
Representative Stephen Ross
Representative Jason Saine
Representative Sarah Stevens

North Dakota
Senator Brad Bekkedahl
Senator Robert Erbele
Senator David Hogue
Senator Janne Myrdal
Senator Terry Wanzek
Representative Chuck Damschen
Representative Daniel Johnston
Representative George Keiser
Representative Dwight Kiefert
Representative Ben Koppelman
Representative Oley Laursen
Representative Andrew Marschall
Representative Mike Nathe
Representative Jon Nelson
Representative Karen Rohr
Representative Dan Ruby
Representative Matt Ruby
Representative Bernie Satrom

Senator Kevin Bacon
Senator Jay Hottinger
Senator Lou Terhar
Representative Andrew Brenner
Representative Tom Brinkman
Representative Ron Hood
Representative Scott Lipps
Representative Wes Retherford
Representative Bill Seitz
Representative Andy Thompson
Deer Park Councilman Charles Tassell

Senator Micheal Bergstrom
Senator Julie Daniels
Senator Gary Stanislawski
Senator Anthony Sykes
Representative John Enns
Representative Mark Lepak
Representative Jason Murphey
Tulsa County Commissioner Ron Peters

Senator Fred Girod
Senator Bill Hansell
Representative Bill Post
Representative Gene Whisnant

Senator Richard Alloway
Senator David Argall
Senator John Eichelberger
Senator Mike Regan
Representative Cris Dush
Representative Brian Ellis
Representative Seth Grove
Representative Kate Klunk
Representative Eric Nelson
Representative Tedd Nesbit
Representative Donna Oberlander
Representative Jeff Pyle
House Majority Chairman Stan Saylor
Representative Joe Scarnati
Allegheny County Councilman Samuel DeMarco, III

Rhode Island
Senator Elaine Morgan
Representative Anthony Giarrusso

South Carolina
Senator Rex Rice
Representative Carl Anderson
Representative John M. McCravy, III
Representative Garry Smith

South Dakota
Senator Jim Stalzer
Representative Lynne DiSanto
Representative Leslie Heinemann

Senator Mark Green
Senator Brian Kelsey
Senator Becky Duncan Massey
Representative David Byrd
Representative Bruce Dale Carr
Representative Mike Carter
Representative Glen Casada
Representative John Crawford
Representative Martin Daniel
Representative Jeremy Faison
Representative Ron Gant
Representative David Hawk
Representative Dan Howell
Representative Bud Hulsey
Representative Curtis Johnson
Representative Kelly Keisling
Representative Sabi Kumar
Representative Susan Lynn
Representative Pat Marsh
Representative John Ragan
Representative Jay Reedy
Representative Tim Rudd
Representative Cameron Sexton
Representative Jerry Sexton
Representative Mike Sparks
Representative Bryan Terry
Representative Ron Travis
Representative James Micah Van Huss
Representative Dawn White
Representative Mark White
Representative Ryan Williams
Representative Jason Zachary

Senator Donna Campbell
Representative Charles Anderson
Representative Kyle Biedermann
Representative Tony Dale
Representative Jason Isaac
Representative Phil King
Representative Tan Parker
Representative Dennis Paul
Representative Ron Simmons
Representative Ed Thompson
Austin City Councilwoman Ellen Troxclair
Collin County Judge Keith Self

Senate President Wayne Niederhauser
Senator J. Stuart Adams
Senator Howard Stephenson
Representative Kay Christofferson
Representative Kim Coleman
Representative Ken Ivory

Senator Richard Black
Senator Amanda Chase
Senator Siobhan Dunnavant
Senator Bryce Reeves
Senator Frank Ruff
Senator Richard Stuart
Delegate Kathy Byron
Delegate Riley Ingram
Delegate Terry Kilgore
Delegate Dave LaRock
Delegate John McGuire
Delegate Roxann Robinson
Culpeper Town Councilman Jon Russell
Williamsburg City Councilman Benming Zhang
Occoquan District Supervisor Ruth Anderson

Senator Jan Angel
Senator Mike Padden
Senator Mark Schoesler
Representative Luanne Van Werven

West Virginia
Senator Mike Azinger
Senator Mark Maynard
Senator Patricia Rucker
Delegate Gary Howell
Delegate Charlotte Lane
Delegate Joe Statler

Senator Duey Stroebel
Senator Leah Vukmir
Speaker Pro Tempore Tyler August
Representative Cindi Duchow
Representative Jesse Kramer
Representative Mike Kuglitsch
Representative Kenneth Skowronski

Speaker Pro Tempore Don Burkhart
Representative Dan Laursen
Casper City Councilman Jesse Morgan
Cheyenne City Councilman Dicky Shanor